We're High Pointe Realty

We're passionate about our clients. We place them above all else.

Clients come first. Period. If you don’t leave feeling ecstatic about your experience, we haven’t done our job. We don’t measure success through accolades or awards, rather through the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe in serving our clients with the best knowledge and resources available.

We believe in lifelong learning and the cultivation and maintenance of our expertise over a lifetime. We don’t shortcut on education and we don’t rest on our laurels.

We believe in the power of the right tools at the right time.

We invest in industry leading tools and support but we’re careful to deploy them when and where they’re needed to adjust to each individual circumstance to find the best fit for our clients. We also don’t just sit back and rely on tech to find properties. Our agents actively search our networks and use their relationships to help clients find the perfect match.

We believe in the necessity of consistent and clear communication.

We want to demystify the process and bring clarity and understanding to every transaction. Our agents are happy to answer every question and go over every detail to make sure you have what you need to be and feel successful.

We believe in creativity and collaboration over competition.

We’re selective about our agents because we’re serious about maintaining a collaborative and creative environment. Our agents respect one another’s insights and curiosity and we support one another in giving each client the very best experience. Our standards are high but our agents work together to exceed them.

We believe in gratitude.

We know our clients have other options. It’s a big industry with a lot of competition. We are thankful when our message hits home and grateful for every opportunity. We don’t treat you like a lead, we treat you like the discerning individuals you are.

Happy Clients

First, we cannot be more pleased with how this whole process of selling, buying and building has been for us.  A real first for us for sure.  From that fateful bike ride past a very weedy Bayview, that initial phone call to Don, then meeting him at Perkins, putting us together with superb HBRE and Kayla, this has been awesome experience.  You are ALL first-class people who treated us right, guided us through the process.  We trusted you all 100% and you never let us down.

The progress on the Bayview house is going so well and the excitement of having such a fun, lovely, quality home certainly tempers my angst about leaving our ❤️ Forest Lake home.
Yes you will ALL get great reviews and referrals from us.  We value these relationships and hopefully friendships, and will miss you all as we eventually go along with our lives. Again kudos all around to such a quality team you put together.  
Now best wishes on the Green Lake development.  We almost bought a house on that lake 30 yr. ago.  😀👍
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